About paropakaram


paropakaram describes the principle or practice of concern for the welfare of others.

paropakaram creates better living conditions and sustainable prospects in developing and emerging countries. paropakaram combines artisanal partners to showcase their traditional skills and cultural techniques to a wider audience.

With a transparent value chain, we show how simple, immediate and comprehensive a single consumer can significantly improve the living conditions of many. We work with social institutions, freelancers and sustainable development organizations.

Fairness, equality, health and the sustainable use of resources have never been such a controversial topic as in globalizing today. We believe in people and their talents who can best help themselves under sustainable conditions.

paropakaram pursues a holistic view, which equally requires consideration for people, the environment, animals and the climate.

Behind every product stands a human and often many exciting stories. Some of them can be read on our channels, the best ones are experienced personally on site. paropakaram invites you to become a part of this story: our scouts and guides will give you some exclusive impressions of authentic and culturally colorful life on a tailor made trip, but more so you can speak directly with the people who created our products.

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As well as a large and growing network of young artists, students, social activists and media creators.