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Kerala Flood Relief - Final days

And we’re running out of money

Jvo A. Maurer - 23.08.2018

Most of the camps our crews visited yesterday are now much better supplied by NGOs with relief supplies, our jeeps ran empty much slower: we left only there, what was urgently needed. Also, the state of Kerala has shifted its focus from rescue operations to aid delivery. The heavy rain has reduced to occasional thunderstorms, the water is slowly retreating, clean up work is beginning.
Rohin spent half the day yesterday in the hospital for a checkup, following a breach of last year's accident. In Chenganur now comes help and it looks much better, Kuttanad is spotted today with more aid packages in the luggage.

Ajith reports similar things: "Camps are finally better cared for, less aid left, are still on the road, updates follow," he wrote.

Nithin continues to pack, prepare and load with his people, and he reports a visible decrease in urgency. Only a few calls reach him and he was able to send 100 more family packs to Kochi yesterday. We've moved part of his packages to Wayanad's team as it's needed more urgently: relief supplies continue to be scarce in the remote areas of Wayanad.

70 more relief supply packages are on the way.

Gokul and his father take it very seriously with help. A lengthy discussion in our group emerged on how to circumvent the growing medical emergency. Unfortunately, we have to pass because we have neither the means nor the competence to do so. The willingness to help and the need would be great. Sharath Ks, who has moved more bytes and bits so far, now joins Gokul Gopinath to get an impression on the ground.

The four teams that were on the road today we reduced to a primary and occasional checkup ride: the free borrowed jeeps are otherwise needed again. No deliveries are scheduled for the weekend, but next week, depending on the resources available and the situation we encounter. Aid supplies are needed for a long time, but the urgency is getting smaller with each passing day: our spontaneous aid mission is slowly coming to an end.

Over 2000 people have received our emergency food supply

It was time for our crews to take a break, a good opportunity for us to take stock briefly: 2'800 Swiss francs or 220'000 Indian rupees were exchanged and delivered today in staple foods. This is equivalent to more than 415 family support packages that were provided by you alone by paropakaram, and all in just a few days! We were able to provide more than 2'000 people with basic food for a whole week. Money Transfer Commissions, gas and food for the crews are donated entirely by our organization in addition to their donations so that your contributions reach their destination without loss.

Thank You!

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