Water under Control

Kuttanad is prepared for the next rainy season

Gokul Gopinath - 17.04.2019

In Kuttanad, the sun is shining, and our aid project is progressing although there have been some setbacks. Politically, the region is in turmoil as there are elections taking place. Many of the residents call us over and over again to ask how our aid project is going and how much progress we have made. It seems, for the first time in a long time, that the region has come together to address the problems they face as a unified group. The residents are very grateful for our commitment in helping them resolve their water problems.

A pragmatic solution with many benefits

Through our research, we have been able to find a water pump that meets our purpose and it can be easily protected from abuse: it cannot be used for any other purpose but to suck the muddy water. A pragmatic solution with lots of benefits. Everyone agrees. Recently, we were able to hand over the water pump to the residents, along with the hose and tools, instructions and a suburban field test. As in all our visits, Gokul and Albin were welcomed but this time there was also a great euphoria as they arrived. It’s done! The water pump is there! The residents gathered in droves. There were tea and typical south Indian snacks, homemade, of course.

Outlook with more perspective, courage and equipment…

Residents have begun the construction of the two planned dams. Due to the high temperatures and the lack of rain, the water is, for the moment, less of a problem. Even the house of the elderly lady, of which we reported, has become accessible. A good moment to finish the construction of the dams, because the water will be coming back soon. This time, when the rainy season arrives, the residents will be prepared as they have a new water pump. Through our action, the region seems to have come to the attention of other support groups (NGOs) as local residents report other organizations have now begun to equip the families with water tanks, which they did not have before.

We have even more...

Of course, as we solve one problem people immediately report other problems the region has to deal with. In the past, many of the residents have only found work in the farming or fishing industries. This work is now scarce. We are talking with our local partner organization to work out possible options, to give the people in the region the prospect of new work and thus income. One thing is certain: we keep on supporting the region.

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