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    Feel-good blanket Sunday Morning

    With the sun from Kerala

    110.– 20% Discount
    20 Stock
    Weight 2100
    Size 152 × 228 × 1 cm
    Content Khadi, natural colouring, synth. filling foam
    Origin Sagar, Karnataka, Indien
    Make your evenings special with our handmade, natural blanket - perfect for unforgettable moments with your loved ones. 🌿 Not too warm and not too cold - this blanket offers just the right amount of comfort for the whole family. Handmade without electricity and dyed with natural colours from fruits and vegetables, it is not only a symbol of sustainability, but also a statement for your environmentally conscious lifestyle.

    Indulge in the luxury of quality and craftsmanship while supporting nature and the communities that nurture it.
    Handmade in the Ashram of Charaka - According to ancient Indian tradition, dyed with natural colours from vegetables and fruits, 100% handmade.
    The non-profit organisation directly employs over 200 people, most of whom are women. The sustainable production, which is still unique in India, attracts young talent. However, the coveted jobs are rare and often filled quickly.
    The fabric is dyed 100% naturally. The colours have been developed individually over the years and are made from fruits, vegetables and flowers. Charaka purifies the waste water produced by the dyeing process in its own specially developed water purification system.
    Note: A light synthetic foam is sewn into the blanket for extra comfort.
    #Organic #Handmade #Advancement of women #Fair trade #Natural colours #Environmentally friendly



    Women empowerment


    wow such a beautiful blanket!!!!😍😍😍😍

    01.01.70 Caroline

    can warmly recommend the blanket ❤️

    04.05.24 Claudia

    04.05.24 Verena

    Your blanket accompanies me every day and the sun 🌞 on it always gives me strength and good thoughts

    Ganz tolli Arbeit☀️😘

    01.01.70 Helene

    Das isch mou e Dechi wo mir sehr gfaut Weni u schöni Farbe☀️