Shillong Bazaar

Going with the flow...

Jvo A. Maurer - 06.06.2019

You can’t simply stand at one corner and become a spectator. You’ve got to flow with the flow...
Sprawled on a hilltop, this is the largest market in Meghalaya and one of the most authentic local markets in the North-East. It is animated and congested like a messy labyrinth of crossroads. The name ‘Bara Bazaar’ can be simply translated as ‘big bazaar’. The locals called it Lewduh Market. All kinds of vegetables and spices are brought from all parts of Meghalaya to be sold here. Though it is not a women’s market, Bara Bazaar is mostly run by women. The men run meat shops and do the porter’s jobs, but women control the business.
There are congested gullies big enough only for a person, but hordes of people flow through it at once. You don’t have the answer but you fit right in when you are there. Unlike big Indian cities where people love to pose for you, here they are a bit sensitive about getting their pictures taken. It is fun to explore the suffocating streets. Once you enter this, you’ll forget about the pine canopies, the lovely meadows, and the gushing waterfalls, that made Shillong so beautiful. Instead, you’ll experience another Shillong; beautiful and electric in its own way.

This place is always buzzing with life. More than anything, it’s the people and their culture that defines a place, which makes a place what it is. There are high chances of getting lost or separated if you are with friends.
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