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Paropakaram creates labdanum incense sticks for KALISHA

A natural, mystical fragrance from fair trade

Jvo A. Maurer - 13.11.2022

An inspiring, unique fragrance, straight from the spiritual Mecca in India, Mysore.
KALISHA incense sticks are of the highest organic quality and are rolled by hand according to ancient Ayurvedic tradition. Only high-quality and natural ingredients such as essential oils, honey and bamboo wood are used. The hand-picked sticks are dried and packaged with great passion in the South Indian sun.
The sticks are produced in the Paropakaram factory and thus support endangered jobs in India throughout their entire production process.
The traditional profession is increasingly giving way to machine production. Only a few of the countless incense stick factories still manage without heavy equipment and electricity consumption. The production of KALISHA incense sticks supports several low-income families in southern India, directly supports endangered jobs and protects the environment.
A fresh, stimulating citronella fragrance that settles with a little calm and gently reveals its deep, earthy tone typical of labdanum. A deep, equally harmonious vibration of serenity and connection.

Labdanum is one of the noblest incense substances and is used for heart rituals. It focusses connectedness, connects the origin and floods the spirit with sunshine, trust and confidence.

🌟 Packed without plastic
🌟 From fair production
🌟 100% natural
🌟 According to Ayurvedic tradition
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