The KIDS is a catchment basin for people on the edge of society. For their successful social projects they received countless prizes and merits.
Not far from the tourist turmoil, in a small town next to Kollam, an organisation settled down 30 years ago and has since enabled 400 people with disabilities or impairments to live an integrated life in the community. It produces wicker products such as saucers, placemats, bags and containers, cushions and even smaller furniture.

The products are made from the fibres of the screw tree, which literally grows rampant in the area. The plants used for production are frowned upon rather than popular in the area because they overgrow the important waterways of the Kerala backwaters every year and have to be removed. This creates a small additional income for the local farmers from the idle clean-up work.
The raw material is carefully dried and dyed on the extensive KIDS campus and then woven into useful products by the many employees in spacious and life-friendly workplaces.

Integrated instead of just supported

Some of the employees suffer from severe physical and mental impairments. However, these people do not allow themselves to be handicapped because of this, on the contrary. The organisation's cordial management adapts Jobs to people's possibilities and integrates them seamlessly into society.

The head of the Fair Trade certified organisation, Father Paul, is very concerned about the people in his region. In addition to the many jobs that KIDS and its various stations bring with them, Father Paul is also involved in various social projects. Father Paul would like to initiate many more of these social projects if he had more time and financial means.
In August 2018, when the flood of the century hit Kerala, KIDS provided food and shelter for hundreds of suddenly homeless people. With the support of local donations KIDS is building simple 1 room houses for homeless people.
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