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Community development mit impact

The small Thomas family, living in a remote region in Kerala and in great existential difficulties, we support with urgent marginal repairs of their small house to keep it habitable. This help sets a domino rolling and helps Paropakaram to continue to carry out selective social projects.
  • Uncomplicated and meaningful

    Our commitment helps twice: The economic crisis, which brought the lockdown with it, hits especially hard day laborers, whose help we need for the rebuilding.

    The planned work includes repairing holes in the roof and installing windows. The project will be led by Gokul, a qualified social worker who has successfully planned, led and implemented social projects for Paropakaram in Kuttanad.

    Project management

    Gokul Gopinath

    Helping people is his life, art, drawing and photography his passion! Gokul has completed his bachelor's degree in social work and now works as a self-employed social worker.

    Although the family itself always lives on the edge financially, Gokul spares no effort to help people in need. The social vein is in the family's genes; his father is also active in various organizations, for example against monocultures in the region. Even poor economic prospects don't stop Gokul from taking on social projects full time.

  • With a few simple and selective means, we can set a domino rolling that will mean a sigh of relief for a whole range of families in the remote region.
    The Thomas family is a forgotten important link in the local community. For years, they have supported people in need in the region who have fallen through India's few social safety nets. The son's social work has also become a vital support for people in the region - not to mention the family's bread-winning income.

    Move impossible

    Moving would be the easiest thing to do, but it's not that simple. Culturally imposed restrictions leave only financially unattainable options, not to mention that moving away would be much more costly than the intended repair.

    House almost falls apart

    The 3-room cottage of the Thomas family was never a luxury resort, but it served the purpose. It is located on a slope, a bit off the nearest road, not far from an incinerator. Electricity is partially available, but there is no water supply. The asbestos-contaminated roof lies on dilapidated beams and already has so many holes that it rains in at all corners of the house. There was never enough money for windows, and in their place they were covered with plastic. During the monsoon season, no place in the house remains dry.

    The fungal infestation as well as the constant dampness has a strong impact on the family's health, which is already battered.
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    Prio A

    The roof is repaired in the places where it has holes. We hire a professional roofer of the region for this. The roof ceiling will be covered inside with a net by volunteers of the region, so that the asbestos-contaminated dust falls less into the living space. The windows will be delivered at the end, depending on the remaining money, and will be installed by a professional.

    Prio B

    Since only one of the rooms has a light bulb, if there is enough money we will equip the other two rooms with light.
    Finally, the house is repainted to minimize mold. The painting is financially supported and carried out by the municipality. More would be lacking by far: The roof as well as the supporting beams would have to be replaced completely since a long time and a water connection would have to be laid. This is in the distant future and remains a project of the Thomas family. For the time being, we are taking care that the family can continue to live in a house.
  • Prio Cost Amount Subtotal
    A Worker for Roof 4 Days / 70 280
    A Roof replacement parts 3 x 140 420
    A Transport, Fuel, Driver 4 x 65 260
    A Social Work (Planning, Implementing, Review) 5 x 25 125
    B Worker for Windows 6 x 40 240
    B Window 12 x 55 660
    CHF 1985 are needed for the whole project.


    Milestone Deadline
    Planning and Projectdetails 1.07.2021
    Fix Roof 10.07.2021
    Fix Windows 18.07.2021
    Electricity / Painting 19.07.2021
    Final 20.07.2021
    We are finished with the work by the end of July.

Help and donate now

Even with a small contribution you help us a lot to help the family out of the misery. Without offices and running costs we can use all the donations for the actual project, as it should be.