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Kerala Flood Relief - Our first aid supplies reach their targets

And what other things we encounter on the way

Jvo A. Maurer - 19.08.2018

Accompanied by a crew of 9, Rohin and Bijil brought rice, disinfectants and more to camps in the south around Chengannur and got a picture of the situation on the ground, talking to the residents and ladders. The driveway turned out to be a challenge, the already bad roads are now hardly passable, a bike had to bless for the time. A single camp near the city was well developed and mostly supplied enough. Inland, a very different picture is emerging, as there is virtually nothing missing. There has been no electricity for two days in one of the remote camps.

There has been no electricity for two days in one of the remote camps.

With tomorrow's visit is planned rudimentary medicine to bring rice, salt, and oil lamps and visit a few more camps. In the south for us: Akhil, Arjun, Manoj, Marzooq, Pradeep, Sreeraj, Jojy, Jyothish, Abdullah, Bijil and Rohin.

In Chervathur, Nithin and his people are constantly packing, collecting, sorting, coordinating and providing donations from local residents. Logistics is headed by the military and is progressing swiftly. The bare necessities that do not come from donations from local residents are bought by Nithin or his people, out of their own pockets. Every day, there is no accumulation of urgently needed goods that are behind the essentials of life.

Ajith visited camps at Paravur today. Thousands of people housed in 6 small camps in Vaikom, Ithipuzha, and Thalayolaparampu: completely underserved. There is a lack of drinking water and basic food, towels and basic medical care. Also here many children accommodated, many people in a small space, access difficult. The carload of rice was used up after a short time.

The car loaded with rice was used up after a short time.

Not far from there, Nikhil, our husband in Ernakulam, reported today an urgent need for drinking water in Vypin.

The military logistics of relief supplies is not enough for all corners. From the remote areas of Wayanad, you can hear less, if only bad things. Gokul has just left his studies today to participate more actively in the relief work together with Sharath, who keeps everyone in the team in sync. Abhi is already delivering aid supplies and has today announced his immediate readiness for speedy transport: on Tuesday we planned to go there.

The willingness of Keralites to help each other is overwhelming

More helpers and volunteers join in with every day, the willingness is overwhelming, but it can hardly cope with the challenges ahead. The military remains temporarily in continuous use. For now, emergency food, drinking water, and medicine are still needed, but the prospect of a return of the refugees is in sight, not the prospect of a normal life. Kerala will continue to face a supply problem long after the sudden loss of international attention, vast agricultural land destroyed and countless homes destroyed will be the sole source of income for many Keralites.

With united forces and some organization, we were able to visit 10 camps in the last few days and help a good number of people out of misery.
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