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Kerala Flood Relief - Supply for a colony in Wayanad

Here comes the rain again


We started at Kelakam at 11 am. Myself, Gokul, and two of our friends. As all the Flood relief camps were having surplus materials, we decided to go to a colony(Edatanam colony, Valad) which is stranded. From a police officer in Wayanad, we got to know that people in that colony needed food supply

The roads are in bad condition. Our car got stuck on the way.

The roads from Valad to Edathanam colony was in bad condition. We had a car, it was difficult for us to travel along that road. Our car got stuck on the way. so we had to carry food materials on our own. and it started raining on the way, which made the task very difficult. We reached the colony around 1 pm at the colony in heavy rain. We spent 4 hours in that colony.there was no community center or other public buildings over there. We kept the supply in a home and waited for the rain to stop.

We gave kits to 30 families living in that area. Around 140 people were living there. All the families had a house of their own, which are small in size, its around 1000 sqft for a family of 4-5 people.

The life of the people is miserable. There are no hospitals nearby, many have caught colds and fever.

They need to go 5km to reach a small town. There are no hospitals nearby. they need to go 4 km to reach a small clinic, that too by offroad. Food and medicine is their requirement now, People are sick because of fever, cold, etc. The medicine should only be given after consulting a doctor. freshwater is available near the colony from natural sources. There are a lot of children in the colony, as it is Onam vacation they had no school. some kids were watching tv at home.there were no orphans at home. The colony and premises were pretty clean. the houses were clean. No mosquitoes. No pollution.

Electricity fails only during heavy rain. But that's nothing out of the ordinary in India.

Every house was having electricity. During heavy rains, they had no power at home, As the rain stopped there are no power issues. We spoke to the people in the colony for some time and got to know that they are not going for any work for 2 months and they had no money to buy food, it was very helpful for all of them that we gave kits. As soon as the rain stopped, we left for home.
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