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Kerala Flood Relief - Kaakkathuruth after the flood

Jvo A. Maurer - 01.11.2018

A short time after the devastating flood in Kerala, it got pretty quiet around the South Indian state. Thanks to many generous donors from Europe, our crew was able to provide food to over 500 families in just one week.
I wanted to know more about how people felt and how they are now, whose belongings were literally washed away, and I hit the road together with the supporters back to the flood-affected areas.
Our first destination was Kaakkathuruth, which lies just before Allaphuza on the coast. There are no roads here, only a small boat that leads across the river to the island, then only trails through lush greenery. About 350 families live here in small simple houses.

Life has always been very simple here. One adapts to the situation.

On the way, we meet many friendly greeting residents, who look at us curiously and surprised. Nobody gets lost here. Especially not Caucasian. People there tell about life, before and after the flood. Life here has always been very simple here. One adapts to the situation.
The traces of the water level are visible on the houses, which are well distributed in the greenery. The houses are built on pedestals, but it was enough to submerge them a few inches underwater. Although the whole area was about 2 meters underwater, Kaakkathuruth got comparatively well off. For two weeks here was completely standstill. You could only move with the small boats, relief goods did not arrive here, most of the residents had hardly any food.
The 85-year-old Janaki accompanies us for a while. She proudly talks about her 6 grandchildren, with a big smile on her face. Everyone is well, she sais. It seems to me as if she almost has forgotten about the flood. She could not imagine living in another place. Somehow understandable. It is quiet here, natural, peaceful.
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