The street children of Pokhara

Shoes, food and the prospect of a new home

Jvo A. Maurer - 16.08.2023

In our latest social activity, we went to Pokhara to take pictures of our partner organization. But what really touched us during our stay were the encounters with 15 homeless children asking for food at the roadside. This resulted in a moving experience in which we not only gave them food, but also warm clothes and shoes to improve their living conditions.
In the first rainy and cool night in Pokhara, we came across 15 children sitting barefoot on the roadside begging for food. The sight of them shocked us deeply and moved us to act.

Working with a local restaurant, we secured meals for the children once a week to provide them with temporary sustenance. However, we quickly realized that this was only a first step.

Initially, we started by giving the children food. But when they showed us their living conditions - a small tent on the side of the road, unprotected from the elements - we decided they needed more. Our initiative led us to provide them with shoes and clothing.

During our time with the children, we learned many moving stories. Some had been abandoned by their parents, others were victims of violence or had lost their parents in accidents. Each of these stories underscored the need for individual solutions.

The children responded to our help with great gratitude and joy. But we recognize that our outreach requires more than temporary support. We are working on long-term ways to place these children in safe environments and provide educational opportunities. Together with the local organization LEO from Pokhara, we are looking for long-term solutions for the homeless children.

The warmth of the people encouraged us in our plan: Our campaign was supported by many people who offered discounts and additional free items.
Our assistance in the form of meals is temporary and serves as an interim solution. We strive to place the children in homeless shelters and provide educational opportunities. This is because our goal is not just to provide short-term support, but to bring about long-term change.

This experience has taught us that it is not enough to have good intentions. We need to find effective solutions to offer street children a perspective for the future. Our collective efforts can make a lasting difference.

Our trip to Pokhara was marked by encounters with homeless children who are in desperate need of help. Our cooperation with WSDO allows us to provide a better future not only for women, but also for children on the margins of society. The challenges are great, but together we can bring about change and give hope to these children.

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