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    Incense sticks

    Incense Sticks Dragonblood

    Protection and strength

    Available by 21.06.
    Weight 35
    Size 6 × 26 cm
    Content 10 Incense Sticks
    Origin Mysore, Karnataka, Indien
    Sky of stars
    Queen of the night
    Here and Now
    Dance of colors
    Protection and strength
    Dragon blood is associated with the planet Mars and the element fire. Its powers are known for love and protection. The dragon blood resin emits a sacred intense smoke and a beautiful fragrance known to clear negative energies, connecting us to our higher consciousness and spiritual realms. It is used to heal, balance and protect our physical and energetic bodies.

    Hand rolled and 100 % natural

    Each Paropakaram incense stick has the highest organic quality and is handmade. Only high-quality ingredients such as essential oils, honey and bamboo wood are used - without any artificial additives.

    A Perspective for the young

    Not only in the production of the incense sticks, but also in the packaging, we have paid special attention to a sustainable and holistic approach. The incense sticks are packed and shipped by young daily wagers to support them and their families.

    packaging made of recycled material

    The environment is as close to our hearts as the people. That is why we have used recycled cardboard in the production of the packaging, and old newspapers are used for the inside pockets.

    Handrolling Incense
    #Organic #Handmade #Eco Friendly #100% natural #Women Empowerment #recycled packaging #holy smoke #spiritual #zero plastic

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    Sandalwood are the best

    29.11.21 Tanja

    The incense are really excellent, especially the sandalwood is classy!


    29.11.21 Mimi

    I always used nag champa incense, until i found the sandalwood incense from paropakaram. they are amazing! try it yourself...

    29.11.21 Silvio

    Especially Jasmine and Olibanum are fragrances that my customers are asking for all the time. Great product, great to have it in my shop!

    18.09.22 Tom

    Danke für die Grosszügigkeit Namaste

    07.10.23 Indiaroma

    1A Service. Schnell und super freundlich!