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Hemp goes to school

Jvo A. Maurer

Education is a fundamental right that should be available to every child, regardless of their background or social circumstances. We are proud to contribute to the realisation of this goal by not only sourcing our hemp bags from fair trade, but also by directly funding the school fees of children from marginalised families in Nepal. Our commitment goes beyond just selling bags - it's about creating future prospects and strengthening communities.

A small contribution with a big impact

It's amazing how much change can be achieved with a seemingly small act. With just the sale of ten of our unique hemp bags, we can cover the school fees for one child for a whole year. This means education, access to knowledge and the opportunity for these children to pursue their dreams, which would often be unattainable without support.

Direct connection to the families

It is important to us to ensure that our aid reaches exactly where it is needed. That's why we go one step further by visiting schools in person. This direct connection to the communities allows us to see progress first-hand, hear stories and understand the challenges these children face. This interaction allows us to continually adapt our efforts and ensure that our support is truly sustainable.
Together, we are setting an example for education, equal opportunities and positive change. We invite you to be part of this journey and drive our mission forward. Every bag counts, every story matters, and together we change lives.

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