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The Spiritual Oasis in Winterthur

Jvo A. Maurer - 04.10.2019

The city of Winterthur is a Mecca for people who like to shop personally and individually. Countless small special shops are hidden in the corners and alleys of the old town. One of these gold pieces is in the Kirchgasse, almost on the main strolling path of the Marktgasse. 20 years ago, the empathic Winterthur native turned away from his social worker job and followed his heart's call. Since then Silvio has run the small Esotherik shop "Shanti", which has quickly become the place to go for Esotherik and spiritual things of all kinds in Winterthur.
A charismatic do-gooder who appears with an engaging positive charisma behind the thrusts of the abundantly filled shop. "You can't run a shop like this to get rich, it's a matter of the heart," he assures me as he fills me up with tea. His cat meows jealously.

But the Winterthur original does not only focus on his shop, in his free days Silvio runs a nature garden with a lot of heart and has even published a book on the subject "The Forest Garden Principle".

“This place is a matter of the heart. You don't get rich.”

His business has also suffered greatly from the digital boom. Books sell much less, he explains. But that doesn't really worry him, because he knows that what you get in his shop is a holistic experience that goes far beyond a product.

"More and more people are realizing that man is not just matter, but also has soul and spirit. From a holistic perspective of life, one recognizes to keep all three levels into alignment. “

“Purchase consciously, holistically and locally.”

Silvio offers an extensive but carefully selected range of tools and inspirations to support your own holistic development process. He is particularly proud of his hand-picked selection of crystals and the specially designed Auro Soma series.

“From Mysore to Winterthur”

Paropakaram incense sticks are now available exclusively in a handpicked selection from Shanti. From the small hut in Mysore, where they were rolled, a whole series of day-laborers helped to bring the incense sticks to Winterthur. Along the way, they have created an income for people living on the edge of poverty for a short moment, but especially in the long run, a perspective, and support a small local shop in this country.
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