Seeking, feeling, finding is her credo, and Tanja, who has been leading House of Spirit for more than 20 years, is also living up to this credo. As soon as you have your foot in the door, time disappears and you dive into a spherical spiritual spaceless cloud of well-being. Lädeli, hidden in a side street of Niederdorf, is one of the less remaining city originals in the lively old town of Zurich.
The House of Spirit has evolved from a once simple shop into a meeting place for everything spiritual in Zurich: Tanja has been offering seminars on smoking, energetic treatment, and healing for some time now. She not only sells products, but she also lives "the life of spirit".

At the solstice, the sworn core gathers twice a year and meets for djembe drumming, smoking and a delicious feast in the Zurich woods or on the Werdinsel to end the year or simply to celebrate life. But only Tanja can tell you personally, where exactly.
The beginnings, however, were not so easy, nor was survival. Born in Austria, she started the House of Spirit with empty bags and a mountain full of old rubbish - but it was the right decision, she stresses.

The rents in the old town rise every year and the small shops give way to the big chains, where the shop windows in every shop look exactly the same.

“I wanted to do something that would give me and my environment just as much pleasure, regardless of the money. You can't get rich with a store like this.”

In keeping with the whole concept, Paropakaram incense sticks and rainmakers are now also available from Tanja.
#holy smoke